From the Waltz to Twerking

Now that woman have a leg up, so to speak, in our society, why do these females use it to climb up a pole?  All this groveling and sticking their butt up.. just to please a simple minded humanoid? Puh-leeze.

These women make anyone that happens to be in the same vicinity, embarrassed as heck.  For them.  

Please, priceless 21st century females, don't try so hard. Society has always needed the women to lead the way. We are visionaries. Women's gift is to inspire; not to grovel. The boys can play in the mud all by themselves without your help.  Precious females, you do not have to act dumb to be sexy. Any self man worth having will love you as you are.

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."                  Albert Einstein

After a long day I relax by Binge-Watching

What can be better than getting comfy with your binge-watching mug of your favorite beverage, some snacks, and your favorite show? After a hard day at the salt mines, nothing is better.

Its the least expensive way to forget your troubles. What with all of the mayhem to watch. In fact its so great that I am surprised that so far, its still legal!