Walt Disney World what have they done to you?

Walt Disney World is fast- pass losing its pixie dust magic.

I've always loved Walt Disney World. But I have to admit that great greed is ruining the loved Disney vibe of what used to be a premium experience.

Some folks don't even realize it.  After all, the Disney corp has geniuses in their public relations department.   

The  system now makes us work for what we have already paid for.  Then we blame ourselves if we don't get it in on a ride or a restaurant.  Maybe we just didn't reserve with enough time, etc, etc. Anything but the simple fact that Walt Disney may be overbooking.

Unfortunately, the vision is no longer quality but quantity. There is no control of customer service.  However construction still continues hungrily along.  

Remember the type of customer service that Disney was known for? For that you need to invest in your employees.  Running the parks with the short sided view of hiring temporary, part-time college workers. They may try their best, but nothing beats an experienced employee that has a stake in the company.  

But hey, Bog Eiger, CEO makes over $30 million a year.  Something has to be working right.

Let's just say that what we have now is the antithesis of Walt Disney's idea of "Be may guest." 

Remember ages ago, walking into Innovations at Epcot to see what new cool and futuristic toys where featured? It was the best part of Epcot.  What do we have now?  An insurance company with their lame fire insurance pitch. It's embarrassing.   

There is no sense of history or even common sense.  Epcot is all about the different countries.  Plopping Frozen attraction there shows just how bad the greed has gotten. 

So please Disney lovers, tell  the powers that be what you like and dislike. Disney is still magical but it needs more love sprinkled with fairy dust and less greed. We pay premium bucks.  Let's expect a premium experience!  

Meanwhile I hope they do not kill the goose that laid their golden eggs.  All of us that love Walt Disney World are wishing on a star that they watch Walt Disney's movie about his life again. 'Cause right now they just don't get it. 

Bob Iger CEO:


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Tired of hard-core sex scenes in every story?

 Humans instinctively feel a need for  privacy when sex is involved.  Hell, we don't even like to talk about it.  Maybe its due to our evolution.  We started with TV couples like Desi and Lucy sleeping in double beds to explicit sex on most films and TV series.

Most  find ourselves fast forwarding scene after scene. Poor actresses having to do this!  After all, they need the  job.

"The Sex Scene," Shut the damn door! Isn't imagination what movies are all about? Let's get to the story. Don't get me wrong, if the movie is "50 shades of  Grey" then I expect it.  But give me the option of choosing.  Don't add because you have 10 minutes to fill.

If you feel the same way then tell the movie companies. They have fallen into the "as many sex scenes as possible" syndrome.This over sexed hype has infected even Mr. Scorsese.   Not You Too Mr. Scorsese! Please don't go along with the herd!!

According to Wikipedia in “The Wolf of Wall Street," the F-word is used 506 times.   The sex scenes were also relentless in that picture. Its lazy writing. Please Mr. Scorsese, watch your masterpiece "Taxi Driver" again. It's also all about sex; but what a difference.

"We are the music makers; and we are the dreamer of dreams."   
                                            Arthur  O'Shaughnessy &
                                                Willie Wonka