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Computer animated faces look like creepy plastic dolls

I was just watching a couple of masterpieces; Cinderella and  Pinocchio.
The gracefulness, and care that it took to make these movies feel downright healing.  There are no abnormal pop out eyeballs, or sameness. No latex look to the skin.  They have character.

Is it just me or do others see a major flaw on the Disney computed animated movies? They all have that same plastic-face-doll syndrome.

Sometimes I think they over exaggerate the face just to have some kind of look. This only makes them seem a bit creepy.

I think it would be wonderful if they could go and make one drawn like Cinderella was.  I am sure it would make them money, no matter how much time it takes them to make.  With the prices that they are charging, they are going to have to step up their game to better quality.