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WDW solo para chicos? Jamas! No mas excusas!

                         "Todo empezo con un raton"   Walt Disney

¿Le gustaría empezar en su sueño de unas vacaciones de lujo, pero está preocupado de ir solo?  
Piensa que WDW es solo para los ricos?    Quizas piensa que Walt Disney World es solo para familias con chicos y no para mayores?  Que va!   Tengo la solución para usted.


Quiere saber como algunas familias de modestas finanzas pueden viajar a Walt Disney World? Por que planean adelantadamente y pagan poco a poco, sin ningun costo adicional.   Yo le puedo dar mas informacion.  Disney deja que usted pague con tiempo sin ningun costo adicional.    

El número de viajeros solos, o bastante mayorcitos, está creciendo más que cualquier otro segmento. No deje que su edad o por ir solo, afecte su vida.  Especializo y estare con usted del principio al final.  

Disney tiene la satisfacción más alta que cualquier otro. Soy parte de Magical Vacation Planners. Estamos especialmente (earmarked) autorizados por Disney. No se cobra adicional por mi servicio.

Mi favorito!  Walt Disney world.  No es sólo para los niños!  

¿Sabía usted que hay un gran porcentaje de adultos sólo visitantes cada año? 

Yo especializo. No hay costo por atenderlo y siempre voy a buscar lo mejor para usted por que quiero que vuelva a viajar otra vez con Magical Vacation Planner.  Quiero ayudarlo para empezar su gran interes en ver el mundo.

 Escribeme directamente.  Quisiera ayoudarlo en su nueva magica aventura.

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NCL: Norwegian Escape review. The good and the not so pretty.

The last time we went on a cruise was over 30 years ago.  It was one of those weekend trips to Nassau and it was a nightmare. It felt overcrowded and we could not wait to get back home.  We thought we would never go on a cruise again. However,  we knew we needed to find more places to go in addition to Walt Disney World!

Being a bit of a nerd; I quickly went into research mode and opted for NCL.  The Norwegian Escape ship is the newest of the ships and seemed to be the best contender. It is a state-of-the-art vessel.  Watching on Youtube, I also liked the cool way the doors open, sort of like a Star Trek starfleet. We chose our NCL travel agent well, Ryan Lelchuk.  Its always best to book with a pro.
The ship lives up to its hype. It's gorgeous.  We had a balcony suite and it was spacious, and very clean. It was cleaned twice a day and the staff was very gracious.

The first place we went once we got settled in was the pool area. I have to say we were not impressed.  There are two pools side by side. The kid's and the adult, which is small for such a large ship.  The kid's pool does have huge cool slides.

The music was not our favorite.  It felt like the repetitive thump - thump did not reflect my romantic notion of  a caribbean cruise. We were looking for more of an island, reggae type vibe I guess.  But there were plenty of benches and the bar was very lively.

However, we were not giving up.  We ventured to the rest of the ship, which is about 17 floors..excuse me, decks.( I am still learning the lingo).

One of the places was the Margaritaville restaurant just above. The vibe was more our style and we sat nearby.

One of our worries about going on a cruise was cleanliness. But I just don't know how NCL can do more.  There are places all over to wash your hands and the staff stands by in the buffet area always reminding the guests. The wishy-washy boys were hilarious.

There is a tiny library. It's almost an afterthought, for such a huge ship, but quite pretty.   I saw families playing monopoly or reading. The book collection is decidedly limited, so instead of my usual sci-fi, I went for a fantasy children's book. "The land of Stories," by Chris Colfer.  Highly recommend it. One of the characters has a magic potion that turns every book into a portal to other worlds, and .. well never mind..

Since we were not going near the pool we decided to try the spa.  I was turned off by the heavy selling. We were never told that there was a possibility of booking for just one day.  However, I had researched it and knew t was possible to get a spot on an excursion day.

Once we paid, no one walked us in, or explained a thing. We had to ask a staff that was cleaning were to get our robes. The good part is that the thermal suite spa has tile lounges that are heated and the view is to die for!

My thrifty husband had needed some convincing for this splurge... However, as he melted into the warm tile he muttered,  "I could get used to this.."

The rooms were cleaned twice a day and the staff was very gracious.
We only chose one excursion which was the Teppanyaki snorkeling beach trip in Roatan, Honduras. The water was beautiful,  and simple food for lunch was available, ( burgers, etc.,) and belongings were secure. We even had a Caribbean band while soaking the sun!

There were small touches all over the ship that made it special. For example, each seat in the Escape theater has a little air conditioning vent. The shows were first class and After Midnight Show is a must see. The cruise director, Tyler Gray was fantastic. His enthusiasm was contagious.

I was worried about departure, but it went very smoothly.  It went so smoothly that we are already booked for another trip!

                                            Freddy, Our Cruise buddy