Walt Disney World what have they done to you?

Walt Disney World is FastPass losing its pixie dust magic.

I've always loved Walt Disney World. But I have to admit that greed is ruining the loved Disney vibe and what used to be a premium experience. 

Its sometimes hard for parents to realize it. There are so few places in the world where you feel safe. Also, the Disney corp has geniuses in their advertising department.   If not, how could you explain a system that makes us work for what we have already paid for.  A program that stifles spontaneity with their Fast Pass. They have everyone watching the clock to insure not to miss the ride. Its as bad as being at work.

Paying guests blame themselves  if they don't get it in on a favorite ride or a restaurant.  "I guess I did not book the FastPass in enough time, etc, etc."   We blame ourselves instead of  the simple fact that Walt Disney World in Orlando is overbooking.

The vision is no longer quality but quantity. Construction still continues hungrily along.  Never mind that now their customer service has deteriorated. 
Running the parks with the short sided view of hiring temporary, part-time college workers just does not work. 

They may try their best, but nothing beats an experienced employee that has a stake in the company.  Let's just say that what we have now is the antithesis of Walt Disney's idea of "Be my guest."  Remember when Main Street was more than just shopping?  There were interactive activities all through the parks?

Bog Eiger, CEO makes over $30 million a year. However tickets are going up. If you are even thinking of renting the new Bora Bora Bungalows at Disney's Polynesian Village bring a suitcase of gold.  They are expected to average $21,000 to $29,000 a night!   

Don't be surprised that one day you will see the Spaceship Earth ride replaced with even more shops. After all that is prime real estate and this is the way they are going. 
The rides are now an after thought.  No real magic.--There is no sense of history or even common sense. Epcot's essence was all about experiencing different countries and their culture.  Even Norway was upset about the new Frozen attraction plopped where Maelstrom used to be. Never mind that  Frozen is not from any particular country.

No wonder Magic Kingdom is still the most popular.  It still has authentic rides and meaning.  

So please Disney lovers, tell  the powers that be what you like and dislike.There is going to be a new CEO.  Disney is still magical but it needs more love sprinkled with fairy dust and less greed. We pay premium bucks.  Let's expect a premium experience!  

Meanwhile I hope they do not kill the goose that laid the golden eggs. Walt Disney World is turning into Six Flags and losing its charm.  All of us that love Walt Disney World are wishing on a star that they watch Walt Disney's movie about his life again. 'Cause right now they just don't get it. 

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My Cuban-American Perspective

When I was small my stepfather, who was a reporter and photographer, wrote about the real Castro.  Needless to say, we soon had to flee the country.  Since we did not stick around, I defer my opinion on Cuban relations to the folks that actually live in Cuba.  Its easy to have opinions when you are in a safe home eating anything you like.

 The opinion of those that are still there is that some light is better than none.  American relations can only be a step forward for those still stuck in their country.  Who am I to say that they should not go forward like other communist countries?

Meanwhile the Cuban politicians have found a great niche to keep them in power for ever.  They love to talk about how we should keep punishing Cuba and keep the embargo.  The fact that it has not worked for over 50 years, does not seem to be important.

I say to these Miami politicians to stop hypnotizing the old Cuban voters and take a look at the corruption going on in their own backyard.  Cubans have been fleeing Miami for a long time.
For starters, I have never seen a city that has more toll booths in the expressway than in Miami.   Folks are having to go out of their way and drive in the street to avoid their highways.  Lets work on this first.   Lets clean around our own front door first.