Ralph Lauren was right. It's tough out there. Why not make your home a sanctuary?

Not all of us can escape to a fancy N.Y. penthouse or an elaborate estate in the woods. But its okay.  We can still make our own sanctuary. We all know Ralph Lauren.  He is the epitome of style and country manor chic.   But few know that his real name was Ralph Lifshitz. He was born in the Bronx in poor circumstances. I think we can all be glad that he was not afraid to dream.

Life is too long to settle for boring gifts or drab surroundings.


Valentine's Day should be all year long

I have to confess that I am not a big fan of the traditional Valentine's day way that we celebrate.  Flowers and chocolates are fine, but they dont take much effort to get and last a short time.  Give me a guy that loves me all year long and shows it!
Be My Valentine All year 2 Inch Square Magnet
Be My Valentine All year 2 Inch Square Magnet by lilyofthewoods
That is why I love this little magnet. Lord knows  we need to have love all year long, after all  cards and gifts have been put away.  Perfect addition to a gift, or better yet, to keep