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Sick and tired of Alcohol getting you down? Afraid of alcoholism?

Drinking can be a fun way to pass time with friends. However, if for you, It's now become more pain than pleasure; then what's the point?  

The last thing that you want is to be at your deathbed, and feel disgusted with yourself for loosing so many days of your short life to hangovers. 

Some suggestions:

1.  Commit yourself 100%.  Why? It does not work half way. You know this because u have been this road before.  You can't control it. If you were one of the few lucky that could; you would not be reading this.  You can't be wishy-washy. 

This is a fight for the quality of your life. If you were a diabetic, you would not ingest certain things.  There would be no question or half-hearted attempts.

2.  Write down your goals.   But be gentle with yourself.  Just baby steps, one day at a time. You may stumble, there is a lot of pressure out there to drink.

When feeling tempted write down a few thoughts:

Today  I am responsible for my tomorrow self. 
                           The decision I make today Does Matter.

3).  Don't worry about what your buddies will say, but be prepared. 

 When they ask "soooo you are not drinking anymore?" 

   Just smile.    Be ready with what you are going to ask for.  From Water with lime to whatever, do not wait when you are in the situation to start deciding. Be prepared:This is essential.

Just answer "No. Not anymore.."    That is it.    If  you were a diabetic you would not have to explain.  Don't kid yourself, alcohol can make you just as ill.

It's not your concern to judge or make anyone change.  
If you are a male, please remember that many "manly" men do not drink alcohol.  

If alcohol is a problem for you, its a problem for those around you. Its not sexy.  Believe me. Do it for them. 
               Picture how good you are going to feel the next day!

The good news is that its not a white knuckle situation for ever. As u substitute with healthier options, your body does take over.
If you are still reading this, then you do want to change. Remember that you are never alone.  There is a power that is always with you.

Get a natural high:

Love the term "Recovery."  
"Sobriety" is such a grim word that does not show at all what it can mean : Freedom, Sanity and just plain Fun.  

If still having problem, never be afraid to ask for professional advice.  

Don't forget to Kick the Can

Henry Thoreau: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  
             Well, music can help soothe the way in this cruel world.

Remember the classic Twilight Zone episode, "Kick the Can?"
In the story, one of the retire home resident realizes that if he just moved for the pure fun of it, the joyful feeling of youth would return.   Such a simple concept right?

 Dancing is helpful with Alzheimer patients, and what better way to bring up your mood without drugs?
                                       It can brings joy to our soul.

 Play it loud!  If feeling a bit shy, lower the curtains to keep you hidden from any pesky neighbors!

Listening to music during the day makes any chore better.  Of course, I am talking about the "happy to be alive" kind of deal. Its an instant mood booster without pills!  With you tube and Pandora, its so easy to customize your songs.