Tired of hard-core sex scenes in every story?

 Humans instinctively feel a need for  privacy when sex is involved.  Hell, we don't even like to talk about it.  Maybe its due to our evolution.  We started with TV couples like Desi and Lucy sleeping in double beds to explicit sex on most films and TV series.

Most  find ourselves fast forwarding scene after scene. Poor actresses having to do this!  After all, they need the  job.

"The Sex Scene," Shut the damn door! Isn't imagination what movies are all about? Let's get to the story. Don't get me wrong, if the movie is "50 shades of  Grey" then I expect it.  But give me the option of choosing.  Don't add because you have 10 minutes to fill.

If you feel the same way then tell the movie companies. They have fallen into the "as many sex scenes as possible" syndrome.This over sexed hype has infected even Mr. Scorsese.   Not You Too Mr. Scorsese! Please don't go along with the herd!!

According to Wikipedia in “The Wolf of Wall Street," the F-word is used 506 times.   The sex scenes were also relentless in that picture. Its lazy writing. Please Mr. Scorsese, watch your masterpiece "Taxi Driver" again. It's also all about sex; but what a difference.

"We are the music makers; and we are the dreamer of dreams."   
                                            Arthur  O'Shaughnessy &
                                                Willie Wonka


Into the woods... Are you afraid?

Are we becoming afraid of the woods? Have you noticed that every time there are woods involved in a movie, there is usually some terror lurking? 
Its doing the same thing to us as "Jaws" did with the ocean; It's made us fear nature.

It makes the dimwitted humans afraid of their own yard. Any natural darkness should be obliterated at once. A backyard is often just a dry patch of dirt with that anemic tree and the grass cut to one inch of its life.

Birds need shelter, a bush or tree to hide nearby, worms.  A feeder without water nearby is just not enough.

Lets get to it humans!  Do your part, remind others.  Even if you only have a windowsill; you can still grow a butterfly garden.  I promise that you will enjoy it!

                                                                       GaIa,  the Universal Mother Earth

Everyday Ways to Help Birds
The Nature Conservancy's Migratory Bird Program works to protect critical habitat that birds need for nesting, raising their young, spending their winters and resting during migration. Everyone can help to assist in smart bird conservation. Here are a few things you can do right now and every day to help protect birds.
Around the Home
  • Put up a bird house (with proper ventilation) in your yard. More than two dozen different bird species including the purple martin, house wren, and eastern bluebird will nest in bird houses. As more and more habitat disappears every year, birds have fewer places to nest each spring.
  • Plant native fruit and berry-bearing bushes and trees on your property. Also, maintain ground vegetation and shrubs adjacent to water.
  • At night, turn off the lights or close the blinds of your high-rise offices or apartment buildings, and spread the word to your co-workers. Thousands of migratory songbirds, which are attracted by lights, are killed each year by colliding with lighted buildings at night.
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Meaning of Gaia:

  1. Gaia is the Greek goddess, which personifies the Earth itself. The word Gaia is a compound of two elements: Ge =  the Earth and Aia =  Grandmother, often Gaia  is referred to as the Mother of Earth. In modern times the name has been connected to environmental theories.

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