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Refinancing a Home Equity with Wells Fargo. The good, the bad and the Ugly review

I often hear complaints from other viewers and twitters about WF.   However, I have been with them for years and never had a problem.

That is the good part. Now for the not so pretty.   Our home equity line is coming due and I thought that after twenty years with them, they would consider me a regular customer.

By the way, If your loan will be coming due soon, I highly recommend you give yourself plenty of time.  You just don't know how this will go.  I heard that they use two underwriters now, but I don't know the reason.

The application online was fine.  I spoke to a rep that I thought was going to be wonderful!

Alas, I  never spoke to him again. They seem to be inbound agents. Never answered my calls or email.   It seems that they pass you onto anyone that happens to answer the phone in the department.

They would say: So happy that you have been with us for over 20 years!  And then.. well you know.

Going back and forth and explaining anything that does not fall into their little box can be excruciating. So many different agents mean that something will be lost in translation. I was told that the underwriter would wait for a document; only to find out when I was going to send it that they had already declined the loan!  No one called.

I had another agent promise, in the middle of the whole ordeal, that he would call for sure, no matter what. I am still waiting.

But hey, I am starting from scratch.  I will give them benefit of the doubt because I have not had issues before.  I'll keep you guys posted!

In this new application, again we start out well.  The new rep is more precise in explaining things, especially the difference between WF paying for closing costs vs. not.  The other just said WF will pay.  This new rep even made a formal appointment a month from now to see how all is doing.  Feeling hopeful.

Update:  I started with one agent, but now have a second one. The good news is that this agent does answer questions promptly and has not abandoned me yet.

Please send good thoughts. I am going to need them.

Your backyard and the woods... Are you afraid?

Pretty soon we will be afraid of our own backyard.  Folks are so afraid that any natural darkness should be obliterated at once with 100 watts bulbs!
Have you noticed that anytime there is a story that involves being in the woods, you know what will happen?  
Remember what happened after we  saw the movie "Jaws?"  The ocean was never the same.     

 If your backyard has just one anemic tree with no shrubs for small birds to shelter; you are not doing enough.
 Birds and butterflies travel for miles. They are constantly seeking shelter, food, and water.  Even a windowsill can help.  I promise that you will enjoy it and the animal kingdom will bless you!                                                
The Abelia Canyon Creek has been the most favored bush by butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.