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Good People don't smoke marihuana?

Remember when weed was thought of as one step from complete perdition and heroin addiction?  The pendulum is either on one side or the other.  Yes, we demonize or idolize.   Trump elected Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated: "Good people don't smoke marijuana."... Yep.  

No doubt marihuana can be a great alternative to alcohol for some folks.  
Its perfect to dance to and it's really made for a "good to be alive kind" type music, not really for the "I'm going to pulverize you outside!" kind of vibe.  

However, let's be honest. Is there anything more boring than having to speak to someone that is completely stoned, or drunk for that matter?  

Cannabis, like alcohol, should be kept away from children and young teens, just like alcohol. I  think that weed that looks like candy should be outlawed.

It's just common sense and the right thing to do.  

But that is ok. It's not meant to be for everyone or meant to be smoked 24/7.

So what now? We have the danger, in a sense, of corrupting cannabis.  

Cannabis is supposed to be a gentle herb. How to tell?

Good weed makes you feel light and creative; not down, or like one feels after drinking a bottle of hard liquor.  Stronger is not necessarily better.  


As always, safety first.  Anything that is done excessively will be at a cost. I know, I hate to be a party pooper, but be careful. If you are beginning to not sleep well, feel anxious, or dizzy, these are warning sides that you are doing too much. Cold chills, suicidal thoughts, dizziness, are all signs that you need to stop and detoxify.  If you like to meditate, weed may actually make it more difficult.

Don't forget to Kick the Can

Henry Thoreau: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  
             Well, music can help soothe the way in this cruel world.

Remember the classic Twilight Zone episode, "Kick the Can?"
In the story, one of the retire home resident realizes that if he just moved for the pure fun of it, the joyful feeling of youth would return.   Such a simple concept right?

 Dancing is helpful with Alzheimer patients, and what better way to bring up your mood without drugs?
                                       It can brings joy to our soul.

 Play it loud!  If feeling a bit shy, lower the curtains to keep you hidden from any pesky neighbors!

Listening to music during the day makes any chore better.  Of course, I am talking about the "happy to be alive" kind of deal. Its an instant mood booster without pills!  With you tube and Pandora, its so easy to customize your songs.