Let's Kick the Can

Henry Thoreau: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  
Well music can not only help soothe the way in this cruel world, but make you really feel better.   

Remember the classic Twilight Zone episode, "Kick the Can?"
In the story, one of the geezers realizes that if they would all just move for the pure fun of it, the joyful feeling of youth would return. They would literally turn into kids again!

As an old geezer myself, I have found out that dancing is a great way to feel like a kid again. Studies have found that dancing is the best physical activity.  Its even helpful with Alzheimer.  Pandora is my favorite way to enjoy it, or even Youtube. Just make sure that you play it loud!  If feeling a bit shy, just lower the curtains to keep you hidden from pesky neighbors!

 and no matter what, remember to Bloom Where You are Planted!

Deer Love

A wounded deer jumps the highest.
                                        Emily Dickinson


If you take care of your backyard, you help to take care of your planet.

From the Waltz to Twerking

Now that woman have a leg up, so to speak, in our society, why do these females use it to climb up a pole?  All this groveling and sticking their butt up.. just to please a simple minded humanoid? Puh-leeze.

21st century females; don't try so hard. Society has always needed  women to elevate us from the mundane. We are visionaries. Women's gift is to inspire; not to grovel. The boys can play in the mud all by themselves. Don't join them.   

Precious females, you do not have to act dumb to be sexy.  Dancing is wonderful. Do it for your soul.

Any man worth having will love you as a woman that respects herself, that has dignity.