After a long day I relax by Binge-Watching

What can be better than getting comfy with your binge-watching mug of your favorite beverage, some snacks, and your favorite show? After a hard day at the salt mines, nothing is better.

Its the least expensive way to forget your troubles. What with all of the mayhem to watch. In fact its so great that I am surprised that so far, its still legal! 

Let's Kick the Can

Your body might deteriorate a bit, but your soul never has to.
Remember that classic Twilight Zone episode, "Kick the Can?"
Its about residents in a nursing home that were resigned to just hang around till they dropped dead.  Kind of like some of us.

Anyhoo, one of them had an inspiration.  Actually the old guy got a hell of a spiritual insight. He does not dismiss it either, like most of us. Not this old guy; he went with it.

In  a flash he realizes that if they would all just move around for the sake of pure pleasure; that the carefree feeling of youth would return. They would turn into kids again! This wise fart actually does something about it, and, well,  you know the rest.

Well, my pumpkins, we may not be kicking the can outside any time soon, it's either too damn hot, or too damn cold, but we can at least dance with the a/c full blast or the heater.