Microsoft HoloLens

I don't  usually rave about gadgets, but this one is going to be mind bending for sure.

Alex Kipman, dazzled gamers, and every one in between on Ted Talks with his new device, the HoloLens.   It is mind blowing to watch.  See the Youtube video above and you will see what I mean.

"Quite soon, we are going to look back towards this decade and argue that we used to live like cavemen."  Alex Kipman.


This headset displays 3-D "holograms."  Not only do you see it but you are also able to reach out and touch it, Its a whole new fantasy world.

 Even folks that never played games before will start playing video games once this thing is on the market.

According to Microsoft "Approved developers have been able to pre-order the $3,000 HoloLens for the past month. Microsoft did not say how many orders it has accepted. Not everyone will receive their Hololens right away. Instead, orders will roll out slowly to customers over the coming months. Any eventual consumer edition would likely be much more affordable when it becomes available. "

Bloom Where You Are Planted

You think that you have it bad? The prophet Daniel was sure born at wrong place and time. Daniel was orphaned, and made a eunuch in the king’s court. Yet he thrived in the worse circumstances.

Daniel realized that no matter what he was going through, all of heaven’s angels were always at his side. He responded with believe to all of his trials. We can do the same.  No matter what difficult circumstances we encounter.  Perfect gift reminder also.