Walt Disney World what have they done to you?

Change is inevitable. But sadly, changes at Orlando's Walt Disney World have made them lose some of their pixie dust magic.

Lets start with the Fast Pass. At first it seemed like a stupendous idea. I don't blame them for trying it.  After all, squeezing in more and more guests in the park every year, is Disney's idea of crowd control. Those Disney stocks must go Up, Up, Up!

Some folks might not notice.  Living with our heads down pecking like chickens at the keyboard is now  considered a natural environment. Many young ones have never experienced  that feeling of stepping into the magic kingdom where anything was possible, and all we had to do was show up.

If you had a question, there were always plenty of helpful cast members with cheerful faces just waiting to assist.  (We will get to customer service in a minute).

Which brings me to the Fast Pass. You practically need a runner's gait and a stop watch to make it to the exact area and time on the other side of the park.  All for that five minute popular ride. And then what?

The worse part is that it creates two tiers of guests. If you don't feel like spending your time on a schedule, because you consider that too much like the job you came here to forget, you are then the loser that stands by while others step over you, I mean, step around you to go in.

Let's just say that this is the antithesis of Walt Disney's idea of "Be my guest."

I know because I saw his moving story.  Its always  inspirational to see how he envisioned his park.  Too bad that the young couple next to us missed it. The man wanted to see it, but his wife told him, with a pretty exasperated tone I must add, that it was simply impossible. "You must be out of your tiny mind!" she barked. "There is no time to waste. We have a fast pass scheduled!"

If this was not bad enough, everywhere you turn there is a sales pitch. Remember years ago, walking into Innovations at Epcot to see what new cool and futuristic toys where there? It was one of the best parts of Epcot.  What do we have now?  An insurance company.  Liberty mutual with their lame fire insurance pitch. It's embarrassing. 

Hunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wheel of Progress, are still the top favorites after all these years.  What do they have in common? The fact that you can sit and the line goes fast has a lot to do with it.  Why not make more similar rides?

Customer service sucks.  Sorry, but its true. This business of hiring temporary, part-time college workers is not working.  The few times we had great service was by cast members that had been there a long time and actually knew the answer.

What do I like? The bracelet.  It's very convenient. It's so convenient that its important that your heart is in good condition. This is because You WILL get a sticker shock when checking out. I don't care how careful you think you have been. The parades are still magical. I highly recommend  the Merry Christmas Party Parade.  It was simply gorgeous. However, it is extra $$.

So please Disney lovers, tell  the powers that be what you like and dislike. Disney is still magical but it really needs more imagination sprinkled with fairy dust and less corporate greed. We pay premium bucks.  Let's have a premium experience!