Home Decor: Why not make your home your sanctuary?

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Not everyone is lucky enough to own a cabin by the lake in the woods.  But its okay.  You can make your own sanctuary. Ralph Lauren is now the epitome of country manor chic.  

Did you know that his name was Ralph Lifshitz and his parents lived nowhere near the countryside?  In fact, he lived in the Bronx.

Did he let that bleak reality stop him? No way. He Seized the day!  Why not fire your inspiration?  

Small items can help you visualize your dream.
A cozy welcoming feeling is what we all crave after a hard day's work.  Small, carefully selected items can bring the outdoors in. 
Country Wood Cabin Decor
rustic decor, amazon, country 

Walt Disney World what have they done to you?

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Change is inevitable. But sadly, changes at Orlando's Walt Disney World have made them lose some of their pixie dust magic.

Lets start with the Fast Pass. At first it seemed like a stupendous idea. I don't blame them for trying it.  After all, squeezing in more and more guests in the park every year, is Disney's idea of crowd control. Those Disney stocks must go Up, Up, Up!

Some folks might not notice.  Living with our heads down pecking like chickens at the keyboard is now  considered a natural environment. Many young ones have never experienced  that feeling of stepping into the magic kingdom where anything was possible, and all we had to do was show up.