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Top Sci Fi programs that inspire. Time to binge watch!

There are two kinds of sci fi fans.  The first kind is happy with just fabulous special effects. Then there are the fans that expect an uplift of the spirit as well. These three fit the enlightenment requirement of a true science fiction fan.
Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.  Ahead of its time in every way.
 You will learn more about human psychology here than anywhere else.
Original Star Trek.  Captain Kirk was the hunk. However, Spock was a complete revelation.

FireFly.  This little underrated gem had just the right quirks, (they would throw in some foreign language, Chinese, I think). It shows in a playful way what a real leader should be. Their take on the "companion," is also brilliant.  They are all available for streaming on Netflix.  Enjoy your binge watching!