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Mr. Robot, and old school sci-fi that makes you think

There are two kinds of sci fi fans.  The first kind is happy with spectacular special effects. Then there are the fans that want to see reality in a more meaningful way.
Love Mr. Robot.  I never watched the actor  Rami Malek before, but he is perfect for the role.  He plays a very flawed programmer and if you are a closet nerd this, one is for you.
Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.  Ahead of its time in every way.
 You will learn more about human psychology here than anywhere else.
Original Star Trek.  Captain Kirk was the hunk. However, Spock was a complete revelation. I do have issues now with the sexist tone of the program. Something I did not realize when I used to watch years ago.

FireFly.  This little-underrated gem had just the right quirks, (they would throw in some foreign language, Chinese, I think). It shows in a playful way what a real leader should be. Their take on the "companion," is also brilliant.  They are all available for streaming on Netflix.  Enjoy binge watching! Its what keeps me sane from the world's insanity.

Travel Agent Newbies be forewarned

Every one wants to be a Disney travel agent. However, be careful because there are some agencies out there that can charge fees and even cancellation if you no longer want to be with them.  We are talking about independent contractors that no longer want to be with a travel agency.

For example; I am in such a problem now with Magical Vacation Planners.  They charged $299  just to join them.  I accepted that. Then there are the $29.99 monthly fees. I accepted that.

Its true that everywhere you look they tell you, if the travel agency charges, run like mad!  However, it seemed to have such a stellar service that I blindly went in.

Even one of my favorite Youtube channel about Disney, My Big Fat Panda, was advertising them.  Little did I know!  So now it seems that in their long contract which i obviously signed, not thinking that this was even possible, I owe more money!  As an independent contractor, I was surprised, to say the least.

I will keep you posted.
Update.  It seems that they will not charge me anymore.  It's a great relief!

Meanwhile, do not be disheartened. There are plenty of Disney travel agencies
that do not charge and have a  limit on just how many agents they take in.