Better Home and Garden Scent Bursts Review

It is hard to find products that work exactly as we want.  I love a nice scent at home; but candles are expensive and have fumes. I had tried hot waxes but found they take forever to warm up. Forget using it often in winter.

I thought those were my main choices.   However, these Better Home and Garden scent bursts are fabulous. I only sprinkled a little bit on the warmer, and wonderful light fragrance enveloped the room right away. The lilac is refreshing and I am now planning to try every scent.  I am having a problem finding them though. I like the ones that are loose, not that compact ball they also have.

Now that I found it, I hope they keep making it, because I can't go back. I don't usually put in ads here, but I enjoy it so much, I wanted to do a scent bursts review.