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Good People don't smoke marijuana?

Trump elected Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated: "Good people don't smoke marijuana."... Yep. This guy is in charge now.  

Remember when weed was thought of as one step from complete perdition and heroin addiction?  The pendulum is either on one side or the other.  Yes, we demonize or idolize.

No doubt marihuana is a great alternative to alcohol. No hangovers, calories, or aggressive vibes, (if grown naturally). 

Its perfect to dance to and it's really made for a "good to be alive kind" type music, not really for the "I'm going to beat you up outside!" kind of vibe.  

However, let's be honest. Is there anything more boring than having to speak to someone that is completely stoned, or drunk for that matter?   Cannabis, like alcohol, should be respected and guarded against children and young teens, just like alcohol. I don't agree with weed that looks like candy, any more than alcohol geared to kids.

It's just common sense and the right thing to do.  But that is ok. It's not meant to be for everyone. It's not meant to be smoked 24/7.

So what now? We have the danger, in a sense, of corrupting cannabis. Corporations will make you think you can only get it from them. 

Cannabis is supposed to be a gentle herb. How to tell?
Good weed makes you feel light and creative.  Weed does not have to make you feel heavy and uptight; like after drinking a bottle of hard liquor or taking your mother's pills.  Stronger is not necessarily better.  

 Of course, this is intended only for the states where it's legal! I don't have bail money!  By the way,  if you are lucky enough to live in one of the few states where it's legal;  #Smoke weed responsibly.  Make it easier for the rest!