Quintus Furniture and their creepy ad

I just saw a Quintus Furniture ad that gave me a bit of a shock.  The last time I saw such a disturbing photo was Woody Alen with his daughter and Soon - Yi, his wife's adopted daughter, who later became his wife.

Never mind the Quintus ad is in the hoity-toity ElleDecor magazine.

As you can see there are two men dressed in tuxedos and a little girl in the living room.  No mother in sight. That is a bit weird but ok; I will go along; they could be family.  But then it gets into more bizarre territory.

The little girl is dressed in black with pearls on, no less. She is leaning back on the sofa.   One guy smartly dressed, (I guess it means he is rich; it must be ok) leaning towards her.  He is taking off one of her shoes.   The other is holding her..... other shoe.     What? 

What were these people thinking? I have nothing against the company. They have beautiful furniture. But I can't  imagine how they came up with this ad. "Well, let's see. How about an ad with two guys alone with a little girl that they are undressing.  Yea.  That sounds good!

I love ElleDecor magazine and was surprised they published it.  I guess the ad paid very well.

Why not be the person that we wish we had met when we were vulnerable and young?  We are meant to protect, not to exploit. Not until we realize that,  will we thrive as individuals and as a species.   I expect great things from our millennials.   Maybe they can help us enter into a better world.