My Cuban-American Perspective

Should we keep punishing Cuba?  That is a question that some citizens keep asking.  Shouldn't our worry be how to take them into the mainstream and the 21st century without creating a dangerous instability in the small island?

When I was small, my stepfather, a reporter and photographer, wrote about Castro's communist agenda.  Needless to say that soon after the article, he had to flee the country.  I know what communist oppression can be like.  However, how will only going   back help the Cubans living there?

Unfortunately, some Cuban politicians have found a great niche to keep themselves in power.  They love to talk about how we should keep the 56-year- old embargo so that the Cuban government can be punished.  Never mind it has not worked in all those years.

Our president walked a tightrope by going to Cuba. It was not about pleasing the communist government.  It was about bringing hope to these people. He did this just by his visit. New commercial and artistic alliances can only mean that the door is opening wider.   Let's face it. Capitalism sells itself.

Without one single bullet, President Obama has done more than any other president since 1959 just by this visit.

Everyone loves capitalism. It sells itself.  I hope that President Trump does not bring us back to the dark ages again.

On another note, shout out to Ana De Armas, the beautiful and talented Cuban actress. Lets start respecting our young actors more!  They should not have to take off their clothes to be actors.     

  This is a great reminder.  No matter where you are planted. Remember to Bloom.