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Your backyard and the woods... Are you afraid?

Pretty soon we will be afraid of our own backyard.  Folks are so afraid that any natural darkness should be obliterated at once with 100 watts bulbs!
Have you noticed that anytime there is a story that involves being in the woods, you know what will happen?  
Remember what happened after we  saw the movie "Jaws?"  The ocean was never the same.     

 If your backyard has just one anemic tree with no shrubs for small birds to shelter; you are not doing enough.
 Birds and butterflies travel for miles. They are constantly seeking shelter, food, and water.  Even a windowsill can help.  I promise that you will enjoy it and the animal kingdom will bless you!                                                
The Abelia Canyon Creek has been the most favored bush by butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

I was so sad seeing   my beautiful trees fading in the fall.  I said "You are leaving me now til next season.." One of the trees answered "I am not leaving, I have just lost my hair.."