It's getting harder to develop our spiritual side. But hell, don't just give up.

 Five ways that will help. It does not have to be so hard.

I know that you are busy, so let’s get right to it.
1. Create a ritual before going to sleep.
You don’t have to lay there like a log being quiet for a half hour.
So how the heck to stop those fearful thoughts galloping in your head?
Take advantage of technology. You Tube is filled with videos u can listen with headphones before dozing off.  They will help the fearful thoughts settle down slowly; like sand added to water. I have added some suggestions below.
2. If you are too tired to read, then why not listen to books? “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and the classic Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi,” are a great way to start. However, once you start on your quest you will find books that will come your way, perfect for you.
3. Set boundaries. Do not forget that the world really is a bit crazy. But you know what? It has always been crazy. Not too long ago we were burning women that men felt were too threatening and calling them witches.
Trust your instincts. Sometimes its better to be alone than to be caught up in other’s drama. The world is divided between the givers and takers. Know when to step away. You have a right to have boundaries.

“The givers always worry that they may not be giving enough.                                The takers always agree .” Lilyofthewoods
4. Feeling down? Who the hell doesn’t once in a while?
Learn to be Grateful. We are often shocked when a person that we thought had it all commits suicide. How can so many rich folks still be so damn miserable?
5. Dance. Dance to happy music, It lifts your spirits up, guaranteed!
Be very aware of what you listen to. Be discriminate. You dont let just anyone come to your home. Do the same for your body.
Human beings have been dancing since the beginning of time because it works.
Remember, please let’s not take ourselves so seriously. Lets have a sense of humor about our predicament.
After all here we are. Traveling on this spaceship earth at about 67,000 mph. Crazy, right? But true.
You are not alone. You have come with gifts. Be a role model just by being yourself. We live in awesome times. I am not a great writer, but still have this opportunity to put my two cents in.  
Our new generation has come in brighter than ever. Do not lose heart.
The universe is waiting for you to shine and we will all be better for it.

Some suggestions: The links are straight from Youtube:

Guided meditation

Draw the curtains and start dancing right now:

"Whispers from Eternity" by Paramahansa Yogananda