Guests Visits

Tired of hard-core sex scenes in every story?

This whole Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein mess remind me of what is happening with programs now. I have a question for you.  What do you do these days when you try to watch a program with guests? The reason I ask is because, there seems to be a "Hollywood law" that states there has to be a  full-fledged sex scene within the first 10 minutes.

Being prudish has nothing to do with it.  Humans instinctively feel a need for privacy when sex is involved. I don't want to watch it any more than I want to watch what happens in the toilet. 

Don't get me wrong, if the movie is "50 shades of  Grey" then I know what to expect.  I  take the easy way out and fast forward, but its always a hassle because then I lose a part of the next scene.  It also trickles down to the acting. Sometimes it seems that some young actresses just know how to bend back or part their lips.  So much for studying the craft.

 It looks like the writers are being lazy. Also, sexual addiction is on the rise. This is not helping.