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Netflix, where have all the good movies gone?

I have been going retro for a while.  Love watching old black and white movies.

Unfortunately,  Netflix is making it harder to find anything of value. They do have good documentaries about stars from the golden era. However, when interested in seeing them, we can't find them to downstream.

Quality sci-fi movies are suffering too. They have clumped it together with horror flics.  The last one I partly saw Anon had T&A in as many scenes as possible.  Is this the future of Neflix?  There are more and more B movies from the US and abroad.  Its a shame, because it was not like that in the beginning.  I know the shareholders need to be kept happy, but throw us a bone once in a while.

Going only by quantity instead of quality may backfire with the competition.
A huge amount watching now are older and more sophisticated in what they choose to watch.  This market is under-represented.
I wish I could say that  Amazon, premium, is picking up the slack, but they are not much better.

I was surprised to find it in YouTube, and that is where I have been watching lately.  The good news is that viewers are starting to pick up the slack.

Some of these black and white movies are the best in entertainment. They teach lessons,  enlighten and inspire while entertaining. They are important.

Retro comedy is also lacking. How about presenting "The Odd Couple," and "Sanford and Son," to new generations?