Seeking a hobby with no learning curve and inexpensive?

I have always had a secret longing when going to a hobby store. I envied anyone lucky enough to be gifted enough to have a hobby such as woodworking, painting, making small villages...

I would say to myself a small secret wish "I would love to find a hobby for the pure pleasure of it. Not to sell, not to show, but just for me."   I did not want a hobby where I had a big learning curve, or have to spend a lot of money on.

What is that scripture saying? "Ask and you will receive?"

By chance, I read that some therapists are prescribing adult drawing books to over stressed college students to slow their incessant thoughts. 

Like in any hobby, once i started researching, a new world opened.  Youtube is full of adult drawing fans.  It is not expensive and no special talent is needed!

 I like it because it does not require any special talent..😉 I get to totally transform a plain drawing to all kinds of crazy colors that at the end looks awesome to me.

I finally satisfy that creative side and, when I travel or have some down time,
there is something that will soothe me. It slows the mind down while feeling creative without worrying about outcome. Its taking me into a whole new hobby.

 Loving the Johanna Basford coloring books the best. They are very well made. The pencils do not have to be expensive. I do fine with regular colored pencils by

 Royal & Langnickle.